How much is a website?

$79 per year (current Special price).


Who are your websites for?

Professional golfers, top level amateurs or college golfers.


Where can I send pictures for use in my website?

Email them to us


Can I create new pages and update posts and news myself?

Yes, our auto updates add news posts to your site and your results are updated for you. You may edit the news posts or delete them or add your own if you wish.


Can I delete pages and posts?



Does it have a CMS (Content Management System)?

Yes our website are powered by wordpress content management system. So content is easy to edit much like a word document.


What about SEO (search engine optimization)?

Yes all of this is setup for you. It includes basic SEO which is your meta tags and keywords added to your website which gets your site listed in searcg engines such as Google.


What does auto updates mean and how is that different to other websites?

Our sites are for golfers. When the golfer plays a tournament our system automatically pulls their results from our database and displays on their website. The auto news posts work the same way only it will generate a news post based on the result, what position the player finished in etc.

This is different from other sites because most other sites are manually updated and that either takes up the golfers time or their managements time or has some large costs associated with it. Our updates are automatic and fast.


Where can I register a domain name?

Visit our domain section here


Do I need web hosting?

NO, this is included in the yearly fee.


I don’t want money to show on my website for results.

By default it won’t show in your results.


I want money to show on my website in results.

No problem just let us know and we can add this for you.


I don’t want pro-ams or specific tours to show in my results?

No problem just let us know and we can adjust this for your site.


Can my Twitter and Facebook feeds be added?

Of course, send us your twitter id and Facebook and we will add it to your site.


What if I don’t have Twitter or Facebook?

No problem you don’t need to have it, we just won’t show this on your site if that is the case.